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LA Drivers Frustrated With Pro-Hamas Protesters After They Shut Down a Freeway and Trap School Buses

by Erica Carlin

Ordinary citizens have had enough of far-left, pro-Hamas protesters disrupting their daily lives and are now taking action.

On Wednesday morning in Los Angeles, one such group of agitators received a response that was likely more than they anticipated.

ABC 7 News reported that the demonstrators held an illegal rally on the highly trafficked 110 freeway to call for Israel to end its self-defense operation in the Gaza Strip – something that is heavily encouraged by Hamas.

The protest began at approximately 9am and resulted in traffic being halted for several hours in downtown LA. Video footage shows large numbers of protesters lining the entire freeway, locking arms to block vehicles from passing through.


The actions of the members of IfNotNow, a George Soros-funded group that claims the Israeli government is guilty of genocide against the people of Gaza, have had serious consequences.

KCAL News footage shows two school buses full of children stranded on a freeway due to their agitating activities.

When the police were not present, LA motorists refused to tolerate this abhorrent conduct.  Some exited their vehicles and began to confront the individuals who expressed sympathy for the terror group Hamas.

A man can be seen in the following video forcefully pushing a pro-Hamas supporter to the ground, while other bystanders managed to remove some of these disruptive individuals from the roadway.


Here is a video depicting more frustrated citizens. One individual can be seen pushing the provocateurs away while another revs their motorcycle to deter them.

The police arrived to restore order and requested the media to leave. Arrests began at 10 a.m. Pacific Time.

ABC 7 Los Angeles reported that 75 individuals were taken into custody by the California Highway Patrol and all lanes to SB 1100 have been reopened.

This decisive response from law enforcement likely indicates the beginning of a shift in attitude towards unauthorized protesting.

It is essential that those who contravene the law are held accountable for their actions, lest we allow unlawful behavior to become commonplace.

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Sam December 14, 2023 - 8:36 pm

To the person stting in front of my truck: In 30 seconds, i will honk my horn 3 times. After the third time, I will release the brake, giving you time to get out of the way. If anyone attacks me, I will be in fear for my life and I will step firmly on the gas

Robert December 15, 2023 - 7:20 am

Just nudge them with the car they’ll move.


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