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Watch Massive Crowd Roar When Steve Bannon Asks Them If They’re “Prepared to Fight”

by Erica Carlin

In a recent interview with former top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, a former US Navy officer, described the emotions he experiences knowing that he has been convicted and sentenced to prison for his refusal to appear before the controversial J6 committee.

Bannon explained:

In my 20s, I spent almost four years on a Navy destroyer in the North Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, Western Pacific, and the South China Sea. So in my 20s, I served my country on a Navy destroyer. In my 70s, I’ll serve my country in a federal prison. It doesn’t make any difference. It won’t change my life one way. I don’t have a big social agenda. I’m dedicated to this work of saving my country.

If I have to be a political prisoner, I’ll be a political prisoner.

Remember, this is a misdemeanor. When we were in the federal courthouse, the guy that ran the federal courthouse said, and this is in DC, he said, and I think he’d been there 30 or 40 years, he told one of my guys he had never remembered a misdemeanor ever being prosecuted. He said, “They’re so backed up with felonies, and that’s why half the three-quarters of the felonies get settled out of court. There’s no time.” He said he’s never seen a misdemeanor ever go to trial, particularly immediately. They remember this is a criminal charge, not civil. You could charge somebody civilly.”

At the People’s Convention organized by Turning Point Action in Detroit, Steve Bannon, the host of the conservative news show War Room, made a powerful appearance as the opening speaker.

His impassioned speech roused the crowd of thousands and energized them to support President Trump and other Republicans in maintaining control of the US House.

Bannon fearlessly called on the audience to join him in combating the relentless efforts of the leftist Deep State to undermine President Trump, his attorneys such as John Eastman, truth-telling media personnel, and even himself.

“Are you prepared to fight? Are you prepared to give it all? Are you prepared to leave it all on the battlefield?” he asked.

The crowd responded by jumping to their feet and roaring: “USA, USA, USA!”

Bannon concluded his speech with a simple but powerful speech: “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s very simple—-It’s victory or death!”


President Trump is scheduled to address thousands at 6 pm tonight. We will provide updates on his appearance as it unfolds.

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Lawrence M June 15, 2024 - 6:13 pm

With all of the DEI/WOKE insanity being heaped onto our society by the Left/Deep-state along with tens of millions of illegals he current lion’s share young men of military age and not working, what could possibly go wrong with our former “Rule of Law Justice System” that is already overwhelmed with incompetency and such destructive agendas in place! Something has to change fast to right this listing ship named America!

I say Mr. Bannon knows what he is talking about and it’s fast becoming nothing but Victory of Death! I say it’s very sad how much waste has already occurred and how much more will if this paradigm doesn’t get flipped; God only knows how this will end!

Caroline June 16, 2024 - 11:42 am

Thank you Mr. Bannon. Along with the many other “truth tellers” that are being stabbed in the back by the dip she/its in D.C. know that America cares about you and what you stand for.
We collectively wish we could take your pain away. God bless you and keep you.


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