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Republican Candidate Beats Liberal Mayor by a Landslide in Dem Stronghold

by Chelsea Betonie

In the typically liberal city of Pueblo, Colorado, the mayoral race took an unexpected twist on Tuesday as a Republican city council member launched a successful bid for mayor.

Heather Graham, the president of the city council and proprietor of Graham’s Grill and Ruby’s, made her announcement to run for mayor in November 2022.

Given Pueblo’s reputation as a stronghold for liberalism, many considered Graham’s candidacy to be a challenging endeavor.

“This community that we love has been going in the wrong direction the last few years. I just can’t sit back and do nothing,” Graham said when she launched her campaign, according to The Pueblo Chieftain. “My short time in office has shown me how change is possible and not enough is happening.”

She expressed that her ability to enact significant change for Pueblo was restricted while serving on the council, which is why she aimed to ascend to the mayor’s position in the renowned left-leaning state.

Graham challenged incumbent Democrat Mayor Nick Gradisar in the race.

Graham emerged as the victor in the election, securing a strong connection with voters. According to news station KKTV, Graham’s win was confirmed on Tuesday when Gradisar conceded after the initial round of returns were announced.

Although the official results will be declared on Feb. 1, early indications are clear – Graham garnered 14,171 votes compared to Gradisar’s 8,355.

The competition was fierce with nine candidates vying for the position. However, in the end, Graham prevailed with an impressive 62.9 percent of the vote while Gradisar received 37.1 percent.

Notably, Graham has deep roots in Pueblo as she was born and raised there and graduated from Pueblo South High School in 2007. In 2019, when Gradisar was elected mayor, it marked a significant milestone for Pueblo since it had been without a mayor for six decades due to the elimination of the position (as reported by the Colorado Sun).

Despite Pueblo’s historical lean towards liberal politics, it is worth mentioning that they did vote for Trump in 2016 after previously supporting Obama; however, they once again turned blue and voted for Joe Biden in 2020 according to The Sun.

Furthermore, Graham proudly emphasized that she also made history as Pueblo’s first female mayor-elect.

“The first female mayor, that’s exciting … it’s been a long run. I’ve had lots of help along the way and I’m excited to carry this title for the next four years,” Graham said, according to KOAA-TV.

“I think that people have been dissatisfied with the leadership over the last five years and they’re ready for a change,” she added.

Her supporters were thrilled with the victory.

“I’m surrounded by tons of citizens who had concerns that they brought to me and hopefully over the next four years, we’re able to do something about it,” she added.

“I’m most looking forward to taking the concerns of the constituents and actually providing solutions to the problems that they’re having,” she said.

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