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Nikki Haley Loses to “NONE OF THESE CANDIDATES” in Nevada Primary

by Chelsea Betonie

Nikki Haley experienced what may be the most humiliating moment in her political career during the Nevada Primary, where President Trump had no involvement.

Despite being the only significant candidate on the ballot, Haley failed to secure a victory in this essentially symbolic contest with no actual delegates at stake.

The other candidates listed were already out of the race, including Mike Pence and Tim Scott, while voters also had the option to choose “None of These Candidates.”

Unfortunately for Haley, she was overwhelmingly rejected by Nevada GOP voters, who preferred nobody over her by a large margin.


Screenshot: AP

Trump issued a brutal  response on Truth Social upon learning the news of Haley’s epic humiliation.

A bad night for Nikki Haley. Losing by almost 30 points in Nevada to “None of These Candidates.” Watch, she’ll soon claim Victory!

On Thursday, Trump will participate in the Nevada Caucuses where 26 delegates are up for grabs. It is expected that he will secure all of these delegates.

The presence of competing Republican ballots is due to a disagreement between the state Republican Party, which favored holding a caucus, and a state law passed in 2021 that requires a primary election, according to Reuters.

Haley’s absence from the caucus ballot means any potential embarrassment for her will have to wait until the South Carolina Primary on February 24.

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