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HUGE: Judge Cannon Excludes Uncharged Allegation from Jack Smith’s Trump’s Indictment

by Chelsea Betonie

After months of relentless attacks and politically motivated investigations, it seems like there is finally some good news for President Trump.

Judge Aileen Cannon has agreed to strike a paragraph from Special Counsel Jack Smith’s indictment that alleged an uncharged crime against the former president.

This is a minor victory, but a victory nonetheless for President Trump and his legal team.

They have been fighting tooth and nail to dismiss some of the charges or at least narrow down the scope of the prosecution. And now, they have succeeded in having an unnecessary and potentially prejudicial allegation removed from the indictment.

But this victory did not come without its share of disappointments.

The judge denied a motion from President Trump’s attorneys to dismiss several other charges against him, including obstruction of federal efforts to recover classified documents that he allegedly retained after leaving the White House.

In her 14-page order, Judge Cannon stated that despite some “pleading deficiencies,” she could not dismiss these charges as they are permitted by law and do not require dismissal at this stage.

However, she did grant some requests to strike certain portions of the indictment that contained privileged information or were deemed irrelevant.

Cannon wrote, “Upon full review, Defendants’ Motion is DENIED for this overall reason: the identified deficiencies, even if generating some arguable confusion, are either permitted by law, raise evidentiary challenges not appropriate for disposition at this juncture, and/or do not require dismissal even if technically deficient, so long as the jury is instructed appropriately and presented with adequate verdict forms as to each Defendants’ alleged conduct.”

One particular paragraph that was struck from the indictment caught our attention. It involved an alleged meeting between President Trump and his political ally Susie Wiles at his Bedminster resort in New Jersey.

During this meeting, prosecutors claimed that President Trump showed Wiles a classified military map while criticizing President Joe Biden’s handling of Afghanistan.

The inclusion of this incident in the indictment raised concerns among President Trump’s defense team as Wiles did not have security clearance or “need-to-know” for viewing classified material.

They argued that this allegation was extraneous and irrelevant to the charges against President Trump.

Thankfully, Judge Cannon agreed and struck this paragraph from the indictment, citing Federal Rule of Criminal Procedures that state indictments must be a “plain, concise, and definite written statement” of the offense charged.

She also referred to Rule 404(b), which prohibits the inclusion of uncharged evidence solely to prove a person’s character.

However, despite striking this allegation from the indictment, Judge Cannon left open the possibility for prosecutors to use it as evidence at trial if they go through proper channels and receive her approval.

This decision shows that even though there is some progress in President Trump’s legal battle, he still has a long road ahead.

But this victory is not just for President Trump; it is a victory for all American-loving Patriots who tend to vote Republican. It is a reminder that our justice system can still uphold fairness and protect individuals from politically motivated attacks.

President Trump has been under constant attack since before he even took office. The left has been trying to bring him down by any means necessary.

And now, they are using the legal system as their weapon of choice. But with this latest development in his case, we can see that there are still judges like Aileen Cannon who will not let politics cloud their judgment.

The media has been quick to spin this news as a defeat for President Trump by highlighting the judge’s denial of most of his requests to strike portions of the indictment.

But we must remember that every little victory counts in such an intense legal battle.

Judge Cannon’s decision to strike an unnecessary and potentially prejudicial allegation from President Trump’s indictment is a small but significant step towards justice.

It gives us hope that truth and fairness will prevail in the end.

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