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DATA: Biden’s Debate Disaster Continues, Trump Now LEADS With Independents.

by Erica Carlin

The latest election data reveals a significant shift in the support of independent voters, as they appear to be gravitating towards former President Donald J. Trump following incumbent Joe Biden’s lackluster debate performance on June 27.

This shift in sentiment is underscored by a recent poll conducted by Emerson College, which indicates that Trump has surged ahead among independents, garnering 42 percent of their vote compared to Biden’s 38 percent.


This marks a reversal from the previous month when Biden held a 43 percent to 41 percent lead over Trump among independent voters.

Moreover, it has become apparent that Biden’s subpar showing in the debate has dampened enthusiasm among Democratic voters leading up to the upcoming election.

The poll suggests that nearly 80 percent of Republican respondents are highly motivated to cast their votes, whereas only 65 percent of Democrats and 63 percent of independent voters express similar levels of enthusiasm.

The Emerson poll serves as a striking indicator of the impact of Biden’s perceived cognitive impairment on his campaign.

In the aftermath of the June 27 debate, prominent Democratic figures have advocated for Biden to withdraw from the presidential race, potentially paving the way for Vice President Kamala Harris to assume the nomination.

However, the data presents an unfavorable outlook for Harris as well, with former President Trump holding a clear lead over her with 49 percent support compared to her 43 percent.

Furthermore, should the Democrats maneuver to remove Biden from contention, none of his potential replacements fare as strongly as the aging Democrat currently does against Trump.

In such a scenario, Trump would outperform Hillary Clinton in a rematch with a commanding lead at 48 percent versus her 41 percent. Similarly, Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) musters only 40 percent against Trump’s formidable 48 percent.

Even Governor Gretchen Whitmer—touted as a preferred choice among top Democrats to replace Biden—would face defeat at the hands of Trump by a substantial margin of ten points.

These findings paint a picture of shifting dynamics within the electorate following Biden’s disappointing debate performance and subsequent calls for him to step aside.

Independent voters are increasingly aligning themselves with Trump, while Democratic enthusiasm has noticeably waned.

The possibility of replacing Biden does not present an appealing alternative for Democrats either, as none of his potential successors demonstrate comparable strength against Trump in hypothetical matchups.

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