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Cornell University Donor Halts Funding Over ‘DEI’ and ‘racialization,’ Causing Moral Decay On Campus

by Erica Carlin

A major donor to Cornell University, a prestigious Ivy League college in Ithaca, New York, announced on Tuesday that he would no longer provide funding to the university.

The donor, Jon A. Lindseth, who is an alumnus and former trustee of Cornell, expressed his concerns about the university’s emphasis on “DEI groupthink policies and racialization.”

Lindseth wrote an open letter to Kraig Kayser, the school’s chairman, and the Board of Trustees, urging them to discontinue their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

He argued that these initiatives had permeated every aspect of the university and all fields of study, resulting in a toxic academic environment.

According to Lindseth, embracing such radical programs has led to moral decay and dishonored fundamental principles of justice and free speech.

One specific issue raised by Lindseth was Cornell’s newly implemented “bias reporting system,” which he claimed created a hostile environment where neighbors, classmates, and colleagues reported on each other.

He criticized the university for prioritizing equal outcomes over proven merit and warned that this approach would be detrimental for a research institution like Cornell.

In addition to calling for an end to these initiatives at Cornell University, Lindseth also demanded the replacement of President Martha E. Pollack.

“President Pollack is responsible for adding a grave insult to injury. Not only has she given the DEI social engineering experiment equal priority with open inquiry, free expression, and academic freedom, Cornell removed the treasured and historical bust of Abraham Lincoln along with a copy of the Gettysburg Address from the Cornell University Library. Apparently a student found this most highly revered U.S. President to be offensive and requested its removal, which the University obliged. (I am told it has now been returned.) So even Lincoln could be canceled under the present administration. This is an absolute disgrace,” Lindseth wrote.

He claimed that “antisemitism and general intolerance have increased on campus” under Pollack’s leadership. Lindseth has requested that Pollack’s resignation be added to the January 26 emergency board meeting.

“With my writing of this letter, an increasing number of Cornell alumni are refusing to continue donating to their alma mater. Unfortunately, President Pollack and her administration have refused to engage with concerned alumni and their sound policy recommendations to correct Cornell’s course,” he remarked.

On Wednesday, Chairman Kayser reaffirmed his support of Pollack’s leadership.

“For nearly seven years, I have strongly supported President Pollack, and that support remains strong today,” he stated. “The board is working effectively with the administration to respond to various challenges facing higher education and opportunities to advance the university’s mission.”

He criticized her response to recent terrorist attacks in Israel as “shameful” compared to her swift reaction following George Floyd’s death in 2020.

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rose January 29, 2024 - 10:32 am

stop all funding to these colleges ..boom

rottenrollin January 29, 2024 - 11:21 am

It’s about time those liberal billionaires pay attention to the crap their donation is funding.

Leon Redbone January 30, 2024 - 4:45 am

These colleges and Universities are run by people who have themselves been indoctrinated in the same propaganda mills. It’s time to get back to educating our youth and stop with the Social Engineering. The people of the Leftwing are the culprits. They all need to be weeded out.

Tim Kuehl February 12, 2024 - 3:31 pm

How much money does Cornell get from China? I read recently the money that donors give to Harvard is chump change compared to what the communist Chinese government gives so who is Harvard going to please, American donors or the Chinese government? We know that answer and I’m betting that’s why Cornell and almost every other college/university in America is doing all they can to destroy the social and moral fabric of America.


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