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California Homeless Found Living In Caves 20 Feet Below Ground

by Erica Carlin

The homeless crisis in California has reached a critical point, leading individuals to resort to extreme and unconventional measures in order to find shelter.

This dire situation is largely attributed to the policies of the state’s Democrats and the struggling economy under Biden.

According to a report from CBS News Sacramento, volunteer groups and the Modesto Police Department recently discovered and cleared out several unsanitary homeless caves along the Tuolumne River.

These caves were located near Crater Avenue, approximately 20 feet below street level, with makeshift stairs allowing access from the hillside.

In an effort to address this ongoing issue, the Modesto Police shared on Facebook that they removed a staggering 7,600 pounds of trash from the area.

The presence of illegal camps has plagued this particular location for some time now.

Over the weekend, the Modesto Police Department collaborated with 9.2.99, a local community volunteer group, to conduct a joint clean-up operation in the vicinity of the Tuloumne River, specifically in the Crater Avenue and Dallas Street area.

This particular area has been plagued by vagrancy and illegal camps, which have raised concerns due to the fact that these camps were actually caves dug into the riverbanks.

During the operation on Saturday, a total of 7,600 lbs of trash, as well as two truckloads and a trailer of garbage, were successfully removed from the area.

Tracy Rojas, a resident in close proximity to the craters, guided a CBS News Sacramento reporter on a treacherous journey to witness the improvised dwellings.

She vividly explained to the reporter the extent of perilous living conditions present in that area.

If one of these were to collapse, it would be devastating. This whole thing would come down and go into the water.

California Homeless People Found Living in Massive, Filthy Caves 20 Feet Below Ground

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Timothy January 28, 2024 - 7:01 am

go pick them up, put them in a 5 STAR hotel, send the bill to me. signed: a “good” communist.


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