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Biden’s DC District Attorney Represented Qatar and Foreign Banks Financing Terror

by Erica Carlin

Matthew Graves, the US Attorney for the District of Columbia appointed by Biden, has been involved in controversial cases.

In 2022, he dropped charges against Stephen Colbert’s clown crew who entered the US Capitol after hours and harassed Republican lawmakers, allegedly with the assistance of Adam Schiff.

Graves is also the prosecutor investigating the events of January 6.

He has faced criticism for his handling of the unprecedented criminal charges against Trump protesters that day.

Many Trump supporters have been targeted and arrested, including some individuals who simply walked through open doors or were waved in by Capitol Police.

At the same time, left-wing protesters seem to face less severe consequences for their actions within the Capitol. This discrepancy raises questions about unequal treatment under the law.

In January 2024, Graves announced his intention to arrest and persecute thousands of patriotic Americans who stood outside the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

This decision has led to concerns about government overreach and potential violations of civil liberties.

Graves is associated with US Attorney General Merrick Garland’s office, which has been subject to allegations of corruption.

Recent reports have also indicated that Graves previously represented Qatar—a regime accused of supporting terrorism—and foreign banks involved in financing terrorist activities.

These revelations further fuel doubts about his integrity and moral character.

According to Mike Davis from The Article III Project, the provided information renders Graves unfit to remain in office.

The Washington Examiner reported:

The top-ranking Justice Department prosecutor in Washington, D.C., worked on behalf of Qatar and numerous foreign banks that have been accused of bankrolling terrorism, documents show.

As the U.S. attorney in the nation’s capital, Matthew Graves has come under the spotlight for supervising a sprawling investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot and faced the wrath of GOP lawmakers for allegedly refusing to partner with federal prosecutor David Weiss on charging Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, in Washington with tax crimes. But before this, Graves was a partner at the global law firm DLA Piper, where he represented controversial Qatari-based entities, including its Hamas-linked government.

These prior foreign clients are listed in financial disclosures filed by Graves with the Office of Government Ethics, along with other then-DLA Piper clients, such as the Coca-Cola Company, Nike, General Electric, and even ex-Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. And though the disclosures were filed in 2021, the overseas clients are on the radar of GOP congressional investigators and pro-Israel lawyers, who hold that law enforcement in Washington is not doing enough to thwart violence, including in connection to recent pro-Palestinian protests after the Hamas-led Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel.

“Matthew Graves’s ties to the terrorist harboring state of Qatar are disqualifying,” Mike Davis, a conservative lawyer being floated in the inner circle of former President Donald Trump as a potential pick for attorney general, told the Washington Examiner. “This revelation might explain why there have yet to be any charges against the Hamas supporters who terrorized the White House.”

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