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2024 Election the 2nd Biggest Reason Americans Are Buying Survival Food

by Erica Carlin

The preparedness industry has been booming since early 2021, but since Christmas many companies are seeing their biggest sales spikes of all time.

Americans are concerned about a multitude of challenges that have prompted them to secure food, water, ammunition, meds, and alternative energy among other “prepper” needs.

USA Beef Boxes , a long-term storage beef company, surveyed their customers about the biggest reasons they are buying more shelf-stable food.

This was the second such survey the company performed and a new concern jumped out from nowhere to become the #2 reason Americans are suddenly prepping.

“Potential Turmoil Surrounding the 2024 Election” did not make the list in December but the February survey had it second only to “Coming Food Shortages and Supply Chain Breakdown.”

“It’s obvious why people are now concerned about the elections because we were already seeing anger levels rising even before the first primary,” said Jason Nelson, co-founder of USA Beef Boxes. “Now that election season is ramping up a lot of people are expecting riots before, during, and after Americans go to the polls in November.”

Rounding out the list, “Cyberattacks or Terrorism Hampering the Grid” came in third followed by “Economic Collapse and De-Dollarization.” Coming in fifth was “Government Overregulation of Farming and Ranching.”

“Natural Disasters” had been fifth in the previous survey but fell off with the addition of election concerns.

“We selected high-quality beef as our primary product because we feel that any of the potential catastrophes that could force people into survival-mode would affect the cattle industry,” Nelson continued. “With most beef products in the survival industry made from low quality cuts, we decided to offer Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and other steak options so the apocalypse doesn’t have to taste terrible.”

Nelson, a combat disabled veteran from the U.S. Army, launched Prepper All-Naturals in 2022 as an America First company dedicated to helping Americans achieve food security.

Their beef is cooked sous vide, then freeze-dried and put in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers to make it shelf-stable for up to 25-years. The only ingredient is Texas-raised beef. They don’t even add salt.

Visit USA Beef Boxes today and take advantage of promo code “cleancows” for 15% off at checkout.


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